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Story know how many Ekadashi in a year what to do on Nirjala Ekadashi


There are twenty four Ekadashis in a year and 26 Ekadashis in Adhimaasa. There are two Ekadashis in every month. Among them, Ekadashi of Shukla Paksha of Jyeshtha month, which is also known as Nirjala Ekadashi, is special. It is believed that by observing the fast of Nirjala Ekadashi, one gets the fruits of all other Ekadashis. The importance of fasting and donating is the most on this day. There is a tradition of worshiping Lord Vishnu along with Lakshmi on this day. The importance of Nirjala Ekadashi lies in its name itself. Devotees and devotees who observe Ekadashi fast observe this holy Ekadashi without eating or drinking anything, that is, by staying waterless. Although in other fasts devotees and devotees consume water, milk and fruits during the day, but during the fast of this Ekadashi, it is forbidden to consume water items.

Donating things related to water on this day is extremely rewarding. On this day people donate water, syrup, sweet water, pot, pot, jug and wings etc. Many people apply sweet water chhabeel on this day. Indian festivals are made according to the seasons so that a person can earn merit by suffering and by donating more and more of those things which he gives up, he gets more merit. That is why it is considered best to donate water and sweet things on this day.

(These information are based on religious beliefs and secular beliefs, which have been presented keeping in mind the general public interest only.)

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