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Students have the opportunity to discuss with scientists


Indian scientists and researchers have formed a voluntary science organization called ‘DOAU’ to give school children a unique opportunity to enhance and disseminate scientific knowledge in India.

State Coordinator of Udumalai Galileo Science Institute Kannapiran said: –

An opportunity has arisen to discuss directly with eminent scientists or science communicators. Students from Class 6 to Plus-2 can register. Students have the opportunity to learn and get their telescope. This will enhance the daily scientific knowledge of the students.

A monthly newsletter containing the works of various scientists will be sent to each student to arouse interest in science and technology and research. Live discussion will take place online at 11 a.m. on every 3rd Sunday of each month.

Its purpose is to cultivate scientific thinking among students, to develop engagement in the field of research, and to place emphasis on their new discoveries. Interested persons can register at www.dyau.co.in. The deadline is July 18. For more information, call 87782 01926.

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