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Uniform Civil Code Necessary For India Says Delhi High Court Hindu Marriage Act Divorce


DELHI: Since people of different castes and religions live together in India, the need for a uniform civil code has been expressed many times. However, no concrete decision or concrete efforts have been made in this direction. Now directly the Delhi High Court has expressed the need for a uniform civil code in the country. The court has expressed this view during the hearing of a petition in this regard. The court also directed the central government to take necessary steps in this regard. Therefore, in many cases, laws made for that religion or community will not be an impediment to the judicial process and all Indians will be given justice on the basis of a single law, the court said.

Hence the importance of equal civil law

India has many laws like Hindu Marriage Act, Hindu Inheritance Act, Indian Christian Marriage Act, Indian Divorce Act, Parsi Marriage and Divorce Act. Moreover, most of the rules for these customs in the Muslim community are not in the form of constitutional laws but are mentioned in their scriptures. Therefore, the judicial process in such cases becomes complicated. Especially when people of different religions are involved in cases like marriage or divorce, the question also arises as to what law they should be judged according to. Against this background, if the same civil law is enacted, the same rules for all these things can be applied to all religions, a role that has been proposed many times today.

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